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Meet Brandy

Business Guide

When I'm not working on my clients' journey I am outdoors with my family. We love taking the family out rafting, camping and to the baseball field. My interest in business started in grade school when I started doing inventory for a local salon. In high school I decided business was my future while working for an online custom keyboard company and setting up an accounting system for a machine shop. I spent my first year of college at the University of Hawaii where I worked for the Athletic Director in the world of college sports.


After transferring to Colorado Mesa University I started working for a Taco Bell franchisee where I have been working for the last 17 years. In this role I have handled Project Management, Business Development, Human Resources, Accounting, Facilities, and Executive Assistant to the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, with hundreds of employees in multiple states. 

Over the years I've helped various businesses with strategic evaluations. So when thinking about my next career step the idea of offering my time to help businesses reach their goals felt like the right step. I have decades of business experience with a wide skill set and education that could benefit small businesses that don't necessarily have the means or need to employ a full-time administrative employee.


Wild Peak provides you with your choice of amount of time for us to take care of the tasks you don't have time for. Each business has different needs and we can customize our services to fit. Wild Peak can help with anything from strategy and efficiency solutions to project management, HR, online branding, and more.

Let's talk about your needs and chart your journey to success.

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